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All of our jewelry can be custom-made to the client’s order, we offer white, yellow, and rose gold In 14k or 18k and Platinum.
The Diamonds are very well cut, color and clarity can be chosen by you.



KRISTAL DIAMONDS LTD is a veteran diamond and jewelry manufacturing company. 

We are members of the Israeli Diamond Exchange Bourse, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and the Israel Jewelry Manufactures Association.

The company was established in 1983 by well-known diamond & jewelry experts Israel Kristal & Abraham Grochovsky. Together we built a name of excellence in quality and service.


Since 1984 KRISTAL DIAMONDS LTD has participated in important diamond & jewelry exhibitions worldwide. We are the proud recipients of the approved exporter’s certificates from the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

We are dedicated to giving our customers excellent service!

No matter how big or how small, all inquiries are given immediate attention
within 24 hours.

We keep close contact with our customers and frequently advise them of special offers.

We provide a fast delivery service including follow-up until receipt of goods is confirmed.

We are approved by the Customs and Excises authorities for smooth, hassle-free, quick exports.

The site offers our large and enticing collections of jewelry.

The customer can choose the gold’s purity, the diamond’s quality, and the design of his choice.

All inquiries for specialized jewelry designs and requests for specific and unique diamonds e.g. matching pairs, calibrated lines of stones, etc. are answered personally within 24 hours.


You too have an opportunity to let your dream piece of jewelry

and desired diamond, become a reality!

Excellence in Quality

We love what we do, and it shows!

We manufacture jewelry in 14k and 18k white, yellow, and rose gold as well as in platinum, including diamonds, pearls, and precious stones settings.

Each stage in the manufacturing process is given our full attention, knowledge, and time and is followed by quality control checkups. Therefore, our results are never less than PERFECT.We work with the best laboratories, the GIA, IGI, DGI, and EGL.

Our experienced and dedicated designers work with 3 Dimension systems giving our customers an opportunity to see their potential piece of jewelry in 3D including measurements, weight, and color before being cast.

The casting is done by top experts with the latest know-how and technology to yield a perfect piece of jewelry without deviations from its original measurements.

After careful preparation, the jewelryis given to setters who specializein all types of settings; including invisible settings, pave, prongs, channels, etc.

In our quest for excellence, we also manufacture special stones or re-cut existing diamonds to result in a perfect match when unique measurements are required.Particular attention is paid to guaranteeing an exact match between the stones and the specific setting in the piece of jewelry

Keeping meticulous standards, KRISTAL’s designs are unique, classic, and sophisticated enhancing the shine and sparkle of the diamonds and gold. This naturally emphasizes the beauty of the person wearing them. 

Contact us:kristal@kristal-diamonds.com  WhatsApp: 00972543973801

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